General Information on qPCR

The genomic platform offers a complete service for real time PCR, open to everyone.

Here are the main applications we do:

  • Relative gene expression (mRNA)
  • Validation of siRNA or shRNA effect
  • Relative expression of miRNAs
  • ChIP validation
  • qPCR on very small amount of RNA
  • Transgene copy number
  • Many more...

For example, here are the steps for a standard relative gene expression experience:

  1. analysis of RNA quality
  2. preparation of cDNA
  3. design of qPCR assays
  4. validation of qPCR assays
  5. qPCR
  6. analysis of results

We have more than 5000 qPCR assays already validated for human and mouse essentially, but also for the rat, drosophila, zebrafish, and some yeasts.

Here are documents that could help you out for your qPCR project:


For all inquiries regarding the qPCR, please contact :
Raphaelle Lambert