General Information on ddPCR

Biorad QX200

The genomic platform offers a complete service of Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR), from RNA to results. We are available to help you out on the planning of your experiment or answer your questions on the ddPCR.

What is ddPCR?

ddPCR is a technology using a water-oil emulsion droplets.

DNA sample is divided into an emulsion of 20000 droplets and the PCR reaction is done within each droplet. Then, the droplets are read to determine the positive and the negative droplet in the sample.

The fact that each droplet is read allows to detect very rare amplification events.

Here are some applications of ddPCR:

  • Absolute expression of:
    • mRNA
    • miRNA
    • Genes with low expression
    • RNA samples with low concentration
  • Detection of rare mutations
  • Detection of CNV
  • Pathogen or viral load detection

Advantages of ddPCR over qPCR:

  • Sensitivity
  • Absolute quantification without the need of a standard curve
  • No need to have a perfect amplification efficiency

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