Welcome to the web portal of IRIC's genomics platform


IRIC's Genomics Core Facility offers a range of services, combining expert guidance and state-of-the-art technologies. It serves IRIC and Université de Montréal investigators in the course of their research initiatives and is also accessible to outside scientists from both academia and industry.

Overview of services and equipement

Sanger Capillary Sequencing

  • Fast and efficient sequencing service, open to all.
  • DNA Sequencing (plasmids, PCR products, etc.)
  • Results in 48h
  • Personalised access to your sequences on a secured server
  • Equipment : DNA analyser ABI 3730

Next-Generation sequencing

  • genome re-sequencing / RNA-Seq
  • Exome or targeted genomic regions
  • ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation)
  • Equipment : Illumina HiSeq2000

qPCR - Real Time PCR

  • Complete service and advice on the strategy to use
  • cDNA preparation
  • TaqMan assay design
  • Validation and analysis of your results
  • Equipment : Life Technologies ViiA 7 and Roche LC480

DNA and RNA analysis

  • DNA/RNA quality and quantity analysis
  • DNA quantity and size of fragments analysis
  • Analysis of a small quantity of RNA (minimum 500pg/┬Ál), in eukaryotes, prokaryotes or plants.
  • Analysis of small quantity of DNA (High Sensitivity chip)
  • Results in a PDF file
  • RIN quality index number
  • Equipment : Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 and NanoDrop 8000